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God called Pastor Clint Miller, his wife Candy and their two young sons, Cheyenne and Cody to North San Diego County to start new ministries for the Lord Jesus Christ. On December 2, 1990 the first official service of North County Baptist Church was held. That opening day was an historical success with 165 in attendance. It was a huge start and today more than eighteen years later, is still considered a tremendous achievement, truly an American success story!

Pastor Miller was ordained in December 1989, attending Pastor School at Hyles Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana.  He received his Doctorate of Divinity in 1998.  

North County Baptist Church started at Juniper and Grand, (downtown Escondido, CA) in a storefront. The church grew fast and it was not long before the enthusiastic congregation grew out of this first location. The church then moved to 1855 E. Valley Parkway in Escondido. This new location was in an industrial complex and not really conducive to church growth, but through hard work and God's hand; the church family continued to grow. It wasn't long before the church had outgrown its second location and once again the search was on for a new church building.

When Pastor Miller first arrived in Escondido he noticed a facility at 7th and Escondido Blvd.  He felt in his heart that this was the place that God would eventually give the church. Through faith, he called that church on the phone every two months to see if they might be ready to sell. Then one day in October 1995, it happened; they said, "YES"!  By this time, North County Baptist Church was busting out at the seams and it desperately needed a new home. An agreement was quickly reached and that opening service was held February 4, 1996 at 221 W. 7th Ave.

North County Baptist Church has been from the very beginning a program driven church!  Programs such as feeding the poor, reaching the youth, taking care of the elderly, providing assistance and transportation to folks in need.  The church also worked closely with The Head Start program for years and had a K-12 School with an average enrollment of fifty students.  The school was started when the church was only a year old.  North County Baptist also founded a Spanish Ministry, which was very successful, and after three years they were self-sufficient and eventually struck out on their own.

It was in 2007 that the leadership of the church discovered a 4.3 acre piece of property with a building on it at 842 Nordahl Road in San Marcos, CA, that would accommodate their needs and added more space for its programs.  It was a beautiful piece of property with fountains and palm trees and directly across the street from Wal-Mart, COSCO and Kohl’s.  It was a great location.

The Spanish Ministry church that NCBC had started, then wished to purchase the 7th and Escondido location as over the years the surrounding community’s demographics had become 90% Spanish.  The Spanish ministry went ahead and purchased that location and North County Baptist entered into a lease with option to buy the (current) San Marcos location.

In the meantime due to the economic down turn the Church had to close its school, as it was mostly supported by scholarships; the offerings of the church and membership sponsors.

North County Baptist Church still consistently maintains most of its programs with increasing financial challenges due to the economy.  On December 2nd, 2010 the church celebrated twenty miracles years, in spite of the many challenges it has faced. 

North County Baptist is currently running two successful bus routes providing children and adults with over ten Sunday school classes.  Approximately 100 children and adults are in church Sunday morning, due to the dedication of our bus workers.  At Christmas 2008 the NCBC was able distribute over 300 toys to inner city children who would otherwise not have received any gifts at all.

Outreach programs are the very foundation for North County Baptist Church and ministries and it is doing everything possible to keep the programs going and be even more of a help in these troubled times. Perhaps the greatest motivation of all comes from the fact that Pastor Miller was born into poverty himself and will always have a heavy heart for anyone in need.  Pastor Miller was a very successful businessman for many years prior to becoming a Christian and answering his call to come to North San Diego County and become the founding Pastor of a church with a heart for the down and out. While it is increasingly difficult to maintain all the well-loved and necessary programs in today’s economy, however the general attendance has been doing well with a current average just under four hundred with and a total membership of over one thousand.  Come join us!

Pastor Miller and his wife Candy have invested their lives and their life savings into the ministry with no regrets.  Pastor Miller was recently quoted, "Seeing the hundreds of family's lives that this ministry has touched, and the many gang members persuaded to trade in their former lifestyles to actually attend college, has made it all worth while!"  Then he added, “The best is yet to come”.